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Peer-Reviewed Publications

C.M. Topaz, B. Klingenberg, D. Turek, B. Heggeseth, P. Harris, J. C. Blackwood, C. Ondine Chavoya, S. Nelson, K. M. Murphy. Diversité of artists in major U.S. museums, submitted. [Preprint]

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L. Ziegelmeier and C.M. Topaz. Flipping Calculus: A Study of Student Performance and Perceptions, PRIMUS 29 (9-10) (2015) 847 – 860. Top 3 most-read papers of all time in journal. [Journal – Open Access]

C.M. Topaz, L. Ziegelmeier, and T. Halverson. Topological data analysis of biological aggregation models, PLOS One 10 (5) (2015) e0126383. [Journal – Open Access]

E. Sander and C.M. Topaz, Epidemics in the presence of social attraction and repulsion, in Mathematical Modeling of Zombies (2014) 265 – 300, University of Ottawa Press. [Preprint]

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C.M. Topaz and A. Catllá. Forced patterns near a Turing-Hopf bifurcation. Phys. Rev. E 81 (2) (2010) 026213. [Journal – Open Access]

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R. Breban, I. McGowan, C.M. Topaz, E. Schwartz, P. Anton, S. Blower. Modeling the potential impact of rectal microbicides to reduce HIV transmission in bathhouses. Math. Biosci. Engin. 3 (3) (2006) 459 – 466. [Reprint] [Journal]

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Other Mathematical Writing

C.M. Topaz and J. Higdon. Six ways to upend the focus on good grades. MAA Teaching Tidbits (2017). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz and M. Mei. Guide to lit searching for the disinclined. AMS E-Mentoring Blog (2017). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz. Topological data analysis: One applied mathematician’s heartwarming story of struggle, triumph, and ultimately, more struggle. SIAM Dynamical Systems Web (2016). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz. Self-help homology tutorial for the simple(x)-minded (2015). [with solutions, without solutions]

C.M. Topaz. Research: It doesn’t take a genius.  SIAM News Blog (2014). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz. Pattern formation in two-frequency forced Faraday waves. Ph.D. dissertation (2002) 1 – 210. [Reprint]