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Peer-Reviewed Publications

D. Bhaskar, A. Manhart, J. Milzman, J.T. Nardini, K. Storey, C.M. Topaz, L. Ziegelmeier. Analyzing collective motion with machine learning and topology. Submitted (2019). [Preprint]

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C.M. Topaz, S. Sen. Gender representation on journal editorial boards in the mathematical sciences, PLOS One 11 (8) (2016) e0161357. [Journal – Open Access]

L. Ziegelmeier, C.M. Topaz. Flipping Calculus: A Study of Student Performance and Perceptions, PRIMUS 29 (9-10) (2015) 847 – 860. Second most-read paper of all time in journal. [Journal – Open Access]

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A.J. Bernoff, C.M. Topaz. A primer of swarm equilibria, SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Sys. 10 (1) (2011)  212 – 250. “Highly Cited Paper”, receiving enough citations to place it in the top 1% of its academic field according to Essential Science Indicators. Winner of a 2013 SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize, given to three papers selected from the pool of all SIAM journals over the prior three years. [Reprint] [Journal]

C.M. Topaz, A. Catllá. Forced patterns near a Turing-Hopf bifurcation. Phys. Rev. E 81 (2) (2010) 026213. [Journal – Open Access]

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R. Breban, I. McGowan, C.M. Topaz, E. Schwartz, P. Anton, S. Blower. Modeling the potential impact of rectal microbicides to reduce HIV transmission in bathhouses. Math. Biosci. Engin. 3 (3) (2006) 459 – 466. [Reprint] [Journal]

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Other Mathematical/Academic Writing

C.M. Topaz. A super-gay companion to calculus (in prep., 2019).

C.M. Topaz. The secret life of teaching (in prep., 2019).

L. Chen, R. Kasman, J. Rana, C.M. Topaz. Interested in applying to a liberal arts institution? Notices of the AMS 66 (6) (2019) 855 – 859. [Reprint]

C.M. Topaz, Shilad Sen. Gender disparities on mathematical sciences editorial boards. Association for Women in Science Magazine 51 (1) (2019) 22 – 26. [Reprint]

C.M. Topaz. Your next mathematics research project. Math Horizons 26 (3) (2019) 2. [Reprint] [Journal]

C.M. Topaz, J. Higdon. Six ways to upend the focus on good grades. MAA Teaching Tidbits (2017). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz, M. Mei. Guide to lit searching for the disinclined. AMS E-Mentoring Blog (2017). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz. Topological data analysis: One applied mathematician’s heartwarming story of struggle, triumph, and ultimately, more struggle. SIAM Dynamical Systems Web (2016). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz. Self-help homology tutorial for the simple(x)-minded (2015). [with solutions, without solutions]

C.M. Topaz. Research: It doesn’t take a genius.  SIAM News Blog (2014). [Web article]

C.M. Topaz. Pattern formation in two-frequency forced Faraday waves. Ph.D. dissertation (2002) 1 – 210. [Reprint]