Interests: Data science; applied computational topology; nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation; mathematical modeling; mathematical biology;  educational psychology and learning science; technology; diversity; art

Diversity in art museums: Check out my data science work assessing diversity of artists held in the collections of major U.S. art museums. This paper has been accepted for publication in the journal PLOS One and will soon appear. Press and social media for this work:

Algorithmic abstract art: My mathematical modeling students made some gorgeous works inspired by Takenaga, Walkowitz, Albers, Davis, and Rosenquist.

Graphical syllabi: If you came here seeking info about my graphical syllabi, here is an example.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion: Want concrete ideas for improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in academia? See my top-10 list.

Trending articles (all are open access):

Support: I’m grateful to be supported by the National Science Foundation since 2006, currently by grant DMS-1813752, Variational and Topological Approaches to Complex Systems (2018 – 2021). The views expressed on my website are my own and do not in any way represent the NSF.