My data science work on  assessing diversity of artists was covered in the MIT Technology Review. [12/19/2019]

Williams College put out a nice press release about my 2018 National Science Foundation grant.

Here’s a piece from Williams College featuring my locust research.

My work with Shilad Sen on gender representation was recently covered in The AtlanticSIAM News, and the Indian business news outlet Mint. [11/12/2016, 7/27/2017]

Amelia McNamara says embarrassingly nice things about me in the American Statistical Association news. [10/13/2016]

Here I am as part of a series Macalester is producing called MacTalks. In this brief ten minute talk, I discuss how the idea of community plays a role in my research and teaching. [10/16/2014]

I played a very small roll in a very big and amazing art project on swarms done by the incomparable Karina Li. [8/5/2014]

Here’s the announcement of the 2014 installment of my online summer course Calculus: A Modeling Approach. You can read more about the course here. [2/21/2014]

Here is a web feature on students who took my First Year Course in 2010 and in 2013 did research with me and published a paper. [1/9/2014]

The Macalester Weekly wrote a story about my online applied calculus course. [10/18/2013]

Andy Bernoff and I have won the 2013 Outstanding Paper Prize from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for some of our joint work. Our same paper also won a SIAM/SIGEST award. See this press release and this SIAM News story. [4/18/2013, 4/11/2013, 613/2013, 10/1/2013]

The Associated Colleges of the Midwest wrote a nice story about my online applied calculus course. [3/1/2013]

I’m featured in a Star-Tribune story that discusses Macalester’s foray into online courses, via the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. [12/6/2012]

Here is a web feature about my use of the flipped classroom teaching model. [9/11/2012]

I’ve been invited to speak at the National Academy of Science’s Kavli Frontiers in Science meeting in October 2012. See this press release for details. [9/1/2012]

Macalester has been ranked as one of the “New Ivies,” the “top 10 schools that are the next generation of excellence.” [8/31/2012]

Students in my math modeling class worked for the Minnesota Court of Appeals. [5/8/2012]

Macalester is a top-25 nationally ranked liberal arts college. [4/30/2012]

Macalester has the 12th best undergraduate teaching amongst all liberal arts colleges. [4/30/2012]

Macalester ranks #1 among peers institutions for per capita National Science Foundation grants. [12/10/2010]

I teach an unusual first year seminar. [10/4/2010]

Here is a web feature on research in my group. [9/1/2010]

Macalester describes my new NSF Grant in this press release. [7/1/2010]

Enjoy this great profile of research group member Amelia McNamara. [7/1/2010]

My swarming work with Andrea Bertozzi is mentioned in SIAM News. [11/1/2009]

Andy Johnson’s work on motion tracking of pea aphids is featured in Macalester Now. [2009]

The XMAC lab is featured in Macalester’s alumni magazine. [11/15/2008]

My pedagogical use of blogging is mentioned UCLA’s newspaper. [1/19/2006]