Diversity in Math

Read my work on gender representation in math.

I am very concerned with the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the mathematical sciences. I believe that this issue is our collective responsibility — and everyone’s individual responsibility — whether you are a research mathematician or a kindergarten teacher. My own activities related to diversity in math include

  • Advise 31 undergraduate capstone student experiences (45% for women)
  • Advise or co-advised 40 undergraduate summer research experiences (35% for women)
  • Supervise 6 academic year independent study experience (50% for women)
  • Research gender representation on editorial boards
  • Serve on AMS Committee on Human Rights of Mathematicians
  • Chair AMS Committee on Women in Mathematics
  • Create and operate the Diversity Nominating Collective
  • Create and operate the Grant Mentoring Diversity Initiative
  • Track gender representation in my home department
  • Occasionally, blog about diversity in the mathematical sciences

If you have suggestions for ways I can contribute to increasing participation of women and minorities in math, and to reducing systemic bias, please let me know.