The Inappropriately Secret Life of Awesome College Math Teaching

Author: Chad Topaz

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    1. Humility (and schemas)
    2. Empathy
  2. Enjoyment (is for the weak)
  3. Learning Styles (are not a thing)
  4. Ability vs. Mindset
  5. Knowledge
  6. Successful Learning Environments
  7. Technology
  8. Continuous Improvement

Acknowledgments: I am deeply grateful to Jude Higdon-Topaz for sharing his expertise in educational psychology and technology. He explains everything to me, shapes my views, is wicked smart, gives excellent advice, and totally mysteriously, consents to be married to me. Thanks to Danny Goroff, Howard Stone, and Eric Mazur, who were my inspiration for good teaching when I was an undergrad, and Mary Silber, who was my inspiration for good teaching in graduate school. Thanks also to Mary and to my high school junior year English teacher Julie West Johnson for setting high standards for writing. I strive to live up to these with every word I type. Thanks to my colleagues Tom Halverson and Karen Saxe for useful feedback, for teaching me a lot, and for humoring me. Thanks to Brooke Lea for some help with keywords. I’m also grateful to Trina Seefeldt interpreting various psychological concepts and hanging out with me at the bus stop in kindergarten.

Mentions: This work has been mentioned by @stevenstrogatz, @tpsemath, and the Math Forum @ Drexel Newsletter.

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