Personal Info

If you are looking for information about my musical life, it is here.

I have a husband of 23 years named Jude. In December of 2008, we adopted our amazing daughter Maya right after she was born. They are the joy of my life.


Also, we have dogs named Oakley and Sascha. Make no mistake, they are more adorable than your dogs.

I am quite serious about health and fitness, especially yoga. I hit the gym and/or the yoga studio almost every day.

I am totally obsessed with the Rachel Maddow Show.

I hungrily consume non-math books when I have the time, which is not as often as I’d like.

I have completed the first few units of the North Carolina EMT-B curriculum (way back when) but I never finished, and then I moved out of the state. I eventually hope to finish my training… somewhere!