Computational Linear Algebra: Getting Started

Ethics Note

To help students get up to speed with R, I have previously been using resources from DataCamp. I was well aware that DataCamp has behaved horribly and unethically, and yet the resource was free and extremely effective for my students. Thus, my (admittedly flawed) approach had been to offer DataCamp as the default resource, have students read an article about the abuses there for full transparency, and then offer that if they did not want to use DataCamp I would help locate other resources. All that said, this was before I was aware of equally good resources. In the future, I will NOT be using DataCamp for this course.

Other Work to Complete
  • DataCamp Introduction to R Programming
  • DataCamp Intermediate R
  • Getting Started Problems
  • Additional problem: Consider the polynomial f(x) = x5 + x4 – 2x3 + 4x2 – 8x + 5. Install the “tictoc” package in R. For a vector of 20 million equally spaced values going from x = -100 to x = 100, evaluate the polynomial four different ways, time each one, and compare.
    • Regular polynomial evaluation using a loop
    • Regular polynomial evaluation using a vector
    • Horner’s method using a loop
    • Horner’s method using a vector